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Tilt-Shift photography begins before digital photography took place. It was mainly through the use of optical Tilt-Shift lens only for photography areas like landscape, interior, buildings, architectural. Tilt-Shift lens was and still are expensive camera lenses. They are specific lens for specific photography applications like landscape, interior, buildings and architectural.
Tilt-Shift lens is known as Perspective-Control lens in Nikon.

Today Tilt-Shift Photography also comprises of digitally enhanced images, known as faked Tilt-Shift. There are many Fake Tilt-Shift software that will help users render a fake Tilt-Shift image. These image-editing software includes the ever popular and powerful Photoshop. Photoshop CS series is the more expensive and professional photo-editing software. Photoshop elements is the lite version.

Online Tilt-Shift generator, creator, maker also helps users render fake Tilt-Shift images and these online services are often free. they may only require you to input your name and email address, as a return gesture to use their services for free. However do take precaution in accepting their terms and conditions, as your email address may be used for other promotional email alerts from other agency. Some online Tilt-Shift makers only allow you to download low resolution images, and you have to pay for higher resolution rendered images.

Fake Tilt-Shift photography

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